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No More TV Ads For Prescription Drugs?


late night viagra ad

Can you imagine a Sunday evening in front of the television without a Viagra or Cialis ad?  Not only that, but no ads for all the other drugs that are miraculously relieving previously unheard of ailments.  No scenes of deliriously happy people who got that way with Drug X while the announcer reads the long list of potentially crippling and/or lethal side effects?

Well the possibility of no drug ads on television is a real one.  Thanks to the American Medical Association which has recently called for a ban on all prescription drug advertising directly to the consumer.  Apparently consumers see the ads on television and show up at their doctor’s office demanding a prescription.  The AMA and also some consumer groups feel that this gets in the way of what’s best for the patient and society.  Here is an excerpt of an article reporting the AMA’s action from

Many consumer groups, including Public Citizen, have also pushed for a ban, saying such advertising pressures doctors to prescribe particular medications that may be less effective and more expensive and risky.

The United States and New Zealand are the only countries that allow direct-to-consumer drug advertising.

According to Nielsen, drugmakers spent nearly $20 billion over the past five years to advertise drugs to consumers. The biggest share of the ad money last year was spent on television ($3.2 billion), followed by magazines ($1.2 billion), newspapers ($127 million), radio ($26 million) and billboards ($4 million).

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