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Junk Food Destroys Civilization

Okay, maybe that’s an exageration, but then again maybe not.  It’s certainly true and accepted that the vast majority of our health ills today are self-inflicted through poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and lack of sleep.  Poor diet = junk food.  So this recent study finds that more than half of what most of us eat is junk.  (And since I’m working really hard to eat well, that means that much more than half of your diet is junk food).

Here’s a television news summary of what this research study revealed about Americans current diet (as reported by NBC News):

A brief summary of the study findings are stated this way…

Nearly 60 percent of what Americans eat is junk — ultra-processed foods loaded with sugar, salt, fat and all the other stuff we are not supposed to snack on, a new study finds.

A big part of the problem is that eating too much junk food means we are not getting the vital nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.  Americans just don’t like fruits and vegetables and our health is suffering big time because of it.  So what can you do?  Fortunately there are some delicious drinks that will give you all the benefits of fruits and vegetables with none of the pain associated with eating cauliflower, broccoli, peas and the like.

Dynamic Fruits and Vegetables

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