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Is Organic Food Worth It?

Why pay more for organic food?

On the surface of things you might ask “Why pay more for food when it looks and tastes almost the same?”  Why pay more for organic food?

#1  Organic foods have been shown consistently to have higher levels of nutrients.

#2  Organic foods don’t have pesticides.

With regard to the pesticides in non-organic foods…they are harmful to our health.  Research continues to accumulate showing that pesticides are toxic to human health.

Study shows that pesticides increase risk of type II diabetes 60%

A recent study reported on Medscape (dot) Com shows that exposure to any pesticide increases your risk of Type II diabetes by 60%.  Here is a quote from that study.

Exposure to pesticides significantly increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by nearly 60%, finds an extensive literature review presented at the the European Association for the Study of Diabetes 2015 Meeting last week.  We have shown in more than 80,000 individuals that exposure to any pesticide increases the risk of diabetes by approximately 60% [odds ratio (OR), 1.58; P < .001], a result that is highly statistically significant.

Now the good news (on the next page).  Hint:  how quickly eating organic clears your body of pesticides.

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