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How To Reverse Your Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. gives 10 steps to reverse autoimmune disease in his blog article.  You can find the original article here.  You can implement some of steps on your own, but some of them require that you consult a practitioner of functional medicine.  (Functional medicine is a form of preventative medicine that is based on lab testing.  By identifying low and abnormal levels of vitamins, minerals and other biomarkers in the body,  functional medicine helps to prevent disease before it occurs).

Here is Dr. Hyman’s explanation of the cause of autoimmune conditions and the problem with conventional medicine’s approach to treating autoimmune conditions:

Autoimmunity occurs when your immune system gets confused and your own tissue gets caught in the crossfire. Your body is designed to fight off harmful things like infections, toxins, allergens, or a stress response. Sometimes and for reasons not fully known, that immune army directs its hostile attack on your joints, brain, skin, and sometimes your whole body.

Conventional medicine accepts this problem, but stops there, without LOOKING for what might be causing the body to be out of balance and attacking itself.

Instead, conventional medicine invents pharmaceutical drugs to inhibit, block, or anti-something, and fails to answer one simple question: Why is the body out of balance to begin with, and how do we help it regain the proper balance?

See how Dr. Hyman treats autoimmune conditions in his patients using functional medicine on the next page.

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