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Back To Basics – Self Love As A Healing Technique

All religions speak of the power of love.  One of the manifestations of this power of love includes physical healings.  Holistic medicine has embraced these principles and attempts to understand how to access these healing energies apply them.  Our role as holistic healers (whether we practice acupuncture, psychotherapy, energy healing, chiropractic, functional medicine, naturopathy) is to assist our clients in removing any blocks to these healing vibrations of love.

A major block to accessing the healing vibrations available to each and every one of us is our own lack of self love.  As we live our lives most of us become burdened with heavy feelings.   Whether its remorse, guilt, anger, hopelessness, discouragement, grief, anxiety or any other feeling, these feelings block our ability to feel and experience self love and the healing benefits of that love.

What is the remedy?  Simply put, accessing healing energy means letting go of everything in the way of loving oneself.  A number of techniques have been developed to help us release these blocks to loving ourselves.  One that I have experience personally is called the Release Technique.  The video below features the testimonies of several people who have experienced physical healings by releasing the emotional blocks to self love using the Release Technique.

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