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Are Your Hormones Out Of Balance? — 9 Signs They Might Be

There are lot’s of reasons for our endocrine hormones to be out of balance these days.  A major cause is what are called hormone disruptors.  Hormone disruptors are environmental toxins that alter our hormone levels and function.  They can increase the levels of hormones or decrease them.  They can imitate the action of body hormones, thus increasing the activity of the hormone.  They can turn one hormone into another hormone.  They can even cause cells to die prematurely.  You’ll find a list of 7 common hormone disruptors on the next page.

But how do you know if your hormones are out of balance?  One of the best ways is by how you feel.  Hormones have a profound effect on how our body functions and how we feel.  If you frequently feel out of sorts, it could be a sign that your hormones are off.  Here is a more specific list of signs that your hormones might be out of balance from Eat Local Grown (dot) Com.

  1. Constant weight gain

  2. Poor Libido

  3. Feelings of fatigue

  4. Low mood

  5. Insomnia and interrupted sleep

  6. Excess Sweating

  7. Problems with your digestion

  8. Craving for sugar

  9. Hair loss

On the next page you’ll discover 12 toxins to watch out for and avoid to prevent their hormone disrupting effects.

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