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Are You Preventing?


Preventing what?  Preventing ill health of course.  Why?  Because disease sneaks up on you and when it finally does you’ll wish you had taken care of yourself and prevented it from happening in the first place.  Many people don’t realize that most of the diseases we suffer today are preventable.  Or maybe in our hectic lives we just forget to take care of ourselves.

We spend our entire life building up our nest egg.  And then wham!  You are blind sided by a diagnosis that could have been prevented.  Don’t let it happen to you.  Listen to what the World Research Foundation says about the importance of maintaining your health:

Medical research has come a long way, and as a result, people live much longer than they used to. While no one can argue that expanding the average person’s lifespan is good, many folks are not enjoying the quality of life that we would hope as they get older. Many of the elderly have chronic conditions that overwhelm their daily activities or they get diseases repeatedly, which ultimately raises health insurance premiums. Learning about and practicing preventive healthcare, i.e maintaining your body and good health throughout your entire lifetime, is properly the best method to prevent disease from happening in the first place.

You can find the original article here.

But the main point is to have a plan and to use all of the preventative health resources at your disposal.  Remember “A stitch in time saves nine”.

Source:  World Research Foundation website

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