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Are You Eating “Pink Slime”? Why You Shouldn’t!

Pink slime is a food industry term.  After you take the different cuts of meat from a cow you’re left with fat, sinew and non-consumable meat laced throughout.  Butchers discard these remnants.  Traditionally they have been used to make dog food.  But today’s industrious food industry has figured out a way to make use of it.  Using a process that separates the remnant meat from the sinew and fat (and includes washing the meat with ammonia) a new hamburger like product is created.  In the food industry it is called “pink slime”.

Pink slime can be added to hamburger as an extender.  Your hamburger can contain up to 15% pink slime (with the ammonia used to process the slime) without you knowing it.  And it’s legal to do so as per the Department of Agriculture guidelines.

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