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Alarming Contamination of Ground Beef With…

As reported by Dr. Joe Mercola there is an alarming amount of contamination of commercial ground beef by anti-biotic resistant bacteria.  How much?  Much more than we hear about in the press.  The Center For Disease Control reports that food poisoning is under reported to a vast degree.  One common source of food poisoning is E. coli O157.  The CDC says that for every case of E. coli O157 that is reported, 26 cases go unreported.  Ground beef is the source of most of these cases.

Virtually all ground beef is contaminated by fecal bacteria.  These bacteria from the cows intestines are the source of these anti-biotic resistant bacteria.  Here, quoted from the article by Dr. Mercola is more about the danger of contaminated ground beef:

A large percentage of meat products become contaminated when the animals’ intestines are punctured and stool spills onto the meat being processed.

This is the real problem — not undercooking, as properly processed healthy meat will not harm you if it’s undercooked because it will not be contaminated with fecal bacteria.

Consumer Reports has conducted independent testing of commercial ground beef from 103 stores in 26 cities across the US.  The video on the following page shows the alarming results of their investigation.  (Preview:  100% of the ground beef was contaminated with intestinal bacteria.)

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