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5 Reasons (You’ve Never Heard Before) To Avoid White Flour Like The Plague

Just look at the wonderful “monkey cake”.  The recipe calls for 3 cups of white flour. It’s so easy to give in when you see that luscious looking cake, cookie or pastry.  Just a little won’t hurt, will it?

The point is that in our society we are bombarded with foods that are made with white flour.  And it adds up.  If you want some motivation to avoid white flour consider the list of it’s harmful effects from Health Nut News (dot) Com.

Refined, white flour is one of the main perpetrators to many modern-day diseases of affluence. It is now well known that white flour spikes the blood sugar, is devoid of most nutrients, and can block the internal villi in the intestinal membrane, contributing to ailments such as leaky gut syndrome (a root symptom to many ‘diseases’ today).

But those aren’t the only ill effects caused by consuming a diet high in refined foods which include white flour. Following are 5 shocking facts about white flour that will inspire you to switch to whole, unprocessed foods for good.

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